How to publish and share a movie commentary

Creating and sharing a movie commentary has always had its challenges. The foremost challenges have been distribution and synchronization of your audio commentary. For movie directors, this has been relatively simple. They are free to add additional voice tracks over their movie directly without the worry of copyright infringement. In addition, their bundled audio track can ignore synchronization issues, and distribution concerns.

Unfortunately for others, these same rules don’t apply.  The only legal way to do this so far has been to record your just your voice as an audio file. Then play it in time with a movie, but the problem with this method is trying to keep the commentary audio synchronized with the film. Any food or bathroom break and you either miss parts of the movie or have to figure out how to pause both movie and commentary so they don’t get out of sync. So even if you can get your custom audio file into the hands of your listeners, they may have a very frustrating time getting it all to align correctly. (Examples of these ‘Just the jokes’ audio files can be found over at RiffTrax and Muggle Hustle)

This is why we created ReVid. Our platform is designed to eliminate the hassle of sharing and synchronizing custom audio commentaries. Our browser addon is able to play an audio commentary in sync with a streamed movie.  It makes sure that when you fast forward, pause, or rewind a movie the commentary does the same. This lets our creators focus on making content while we take care of the rest. Creators such as podcasters are now able to record their own audio commentaries and share them with listeners for free, using the same tools they need to make podcasts. It really is that simple.

Here is how it works:

  • Create a ReVid account, and setup a creator profile.
  • Record an audio commentary for a movie that is streamed on a supported streaming service.  Quickest way to record a movie commentary
  • Publish your commentary by uploading your mp3 file, setting a title, and copy/pasting the movie’s url from the streaming service.
  • Share the link!  Your listeners can create accounts, install the addon and listen to your commentary for free. The links from our site will take them directly to the movie on the correct streaming service, and queue up your commentary automatically. Making it as easy as possible for them to start enjoying your content.

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